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Infinite Impact Radio

Nov 21, 2019

Facebook Groups expert and tribe leader of tribe leaders, Alex S. Elliot, shares every detail of how it felt to find herself homeless, with no clients and no business, and down to her last $1,000 before she finally went all-in one last time. 

She shares exactly how she handled the stress, rose into her authentic self, shined as she stepped out of her comfort zone, simplified her business by focusing on her superpower and started serving a her tribe to transform lives.

Every entrepreneur needs to hear Alex S. Elliot's story. Unlike the highly-suspicious overnight success stories that show up in your Facebook News Feed each day, Alex's entrepreneurial journey is authentic and it is full of failure, transformation and success. 

She is the true definition of an Impact Influencer and each of us will all learn many valuable lessons in today's Infinite Impact Radio podcast.

Are you ready...let's get started.

Show notes from today's episode.

02:14 Failing for 14 years and finding herself homeless with $1,000 to her name. Alex shares her inspiring story of rising into her authentic self.

07:10 Alex shares how she found her place as a Funnel Hacker and the big "A-Ha" which uncovered the power of Facebook Groups.

09:34 PURE GOLD ALERT: Hear Alex drop a massive truth bomb for how you can ensure you succeed as an entrepreneur.

14:01 How you can prevent yourself from succumbing to the stress and pressure that comes with finding yourself running out of money and chances to succeed and instead, harness your inner power and shine.

19:41 Why Alex is 100% sure Facebook Groups are the perfect vehicle to attract and affect your ideal clients.

26:56 What it means to be a tribe leader of tribes and the joy Alex receives from helping transforming lives.

29:52 The importance of going through the journey yourself before you start to serve others.

35:54 How you can simplify and shortcut the process of creating a highly-profitable Facebook when you join Alex in her One Group Away Challenge.

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