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Infinite Impact Radio

Nov 14, 2019

Want to get real about the entrepreneur's journey? Anton Gray, host of Piece of Mind: The Mindset Behind the Mission believes in honesty when it comes to sharing what it's like to be an entrepreneur - and sometimes that truth is unsexy and ugly. 

Very excited to have successful entrepreneur Anton Gray as my guest today. Anton is a business coach, author and speaker who helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into income and impact and step into their greatness.

He is the host of the weekly Facebook Live show Piece of Mind: The Mindset Behind the Mission and the author of the book "Mind (RE)Set" which is a 10-day mind transformation challenge. 

After listening to Anton Gray in this Infinite Impact Radio podcast episode, you're going to walk away with a lot of valuable nuggets which you can apply in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Are you ready...let's get started.

Show notes from today's episode.

06:30 An entrepreneur is born - Anton shares how his entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 9 and how he quickly learned a valuable lesson about how solving problems leads to making money as an entrepreneur.

09:00 How not paying attention to your inner voice can lead down an unhealthy path that affects your professional and personal life.

17:00 Starting with the unsexy if you wish to take the leap into creating your own business and become a successful entrepreneur.

21:34 Stop sitting and scrolling - step out of your comfort zone and start to open doors by making connections - Anton's FB Live show is born.

27:27 How second guessing almost stopped Anton before he even got started and how he was able to overcome it.

31:22 The one thing you should focus on for the biggest impact when you step out of your comfort zone and take the leap into entrepreneurship.

38:40 Identifying your money maker in your business: Anton announces his new coaching program and shares where to connect with him. 

Want to learn more and connect with Anton Gray? Here's how...

Anton's Website =>

Anton's Book =>

Anton's Private FB Group => One Step From Greatness

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