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Infinite Impact Radio

Nov 7, 2019

Caterina De Falco is helping families connect and heal by returning to the table to share good food together. If you are ready to learn how to create a more meaningful family legacy simply by sharing good food and spending more time at the table reconnecting, then do not miss today's episode with this mission-driven entrepreneur.

30 years ago a single meal in France ignited a smoldering passion for enjoying food and meals as a way to connect and improve relationships for husbands and wives and also for families. Now, Caterina De Falco is listening to the voice that has haunted her and stepping into her authentic self to serve those who are ready to create a family legacy more valuable than any material wealth you can pass down to your children.

Join us in today's episode of Infinite Impact Radio and learn how Caterina's 4-step system can heal your family relationships and reconnect you to your loved ones even if you are short on time and have a family going in multiple directions every night at dinner time.


Show notes from today's episode.

03:40 Caterina's superpower and the system she created to share that superpower with families.

05:00 Why 20 minutes is an important number when it comes to having quality time at the table.

06:30 A 30-year journey that started with one meal in France that changed everything.

10:00 A mission in life revealed and how you too can find your mission when start to listen.

14:35 Stepping out of your comfort zone to shine and spread your message.

18:00 Caterina shares how her system transformed a marriage and family.

26:18 You heard it here first - a big announcement from Caterina with more details in the links below.

------------ JUST ANNOUNCED FOR THE HOLIDAYS --------------

Now is the perfect time to short circuit stress and create the joy of your family celebrations with ease and grace. Follow the link below for more info!

==> Return to the Holiday Table


Want to learn more on how you and your family can Return to the Table or connect with Caterina De Falco? Here's how.

==> Caterina's Facebook Page

==> Free Download Return to the Table: 5 Steps to Get Started

==> Free Facebook Group 


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