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Infinite Impact Radio

Oct 9, 2019

A rediscovered letter written by her 12 year-old self inspired Celina Lee to leave everything behind to chase her dream. And it was a blank book chapter that gave others permission to chase theirs.

Listen to the inspiring story of Celina Lee and how she is creating a positive impact on the lives of others around the world in today's episode of Infinite Impact Radio.

Celina is a career coach, lawyer, author and podcast host who decided she was tired of living a life that others wanted her to live and instead, decided it was time to ignite the dream that was smoldering inside her since she was a child.

Today's episode will help you realize that when you face your fears, follow your heart and chase your dreams, you will impact the lives of others in ways you never imagined. 

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Show notes from today's episode.

01:19 Good job and good paycheck but miserable on the inside.

06:45 How a letter she wrote to herself as a young girl changed her life as an adult.

09:20 The blank book chapter that started a movement.

12:55 How asking the right question can change everything.

16:43 Launching the Share Your Dream Campaign and the surprising, life-changing results it cultivated.

21:15 Follow your dreams because your fears and anxiety and negative self talk are not as important as the impact you will make on others. 

27:00 The L.O.V.E. framework of Celina's new coaching program.

31:33 Don't ignore the whisper of curiosity.

Want to learn more about Celina Lee? Here's how.

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Listen to her podcast Live Your Dream with Celina Lee


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