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Infinite Impact Radio

Dec 12, 2019

Your Big Me voice is calling but are you answering? Learn how to create real life magic in your business and daily life in today's inspiring Infinite Impact Radio episode with Djemilah Birnie.

Listen now to hear how she overcame addiction and homelessness to start her first business at 17. Business coach, speaker and marketing strategist, Dejimilah Birnie shares her journey, an accidental spiritual awakening and how she turns quantum principles into tangible strategies for the clients she serves.

This is another must-listen.

Enjoy today's Infinite Impact Radio episode.

Show notes from today's episode.

03:45 Addicted to opiates and living in a tent city at the age of 17 and then everything changed. The inspiring origin story of Djemilah Birnie.

011:18 Are you listening to your Big Me voice? Here's why you should start.

15:10 How desperation drove Djemilah to create the life she desired for her and her daughter. 

18:10 The accidental spiritual awakening that opened Djemilah's eyes to an entirely new perception of reality.

20:50 How you can work with the Law of Divine Oneness to create a positive ripple effect and lift up the consciousness of our planet.

21:50 The problem with abundance and what most people get wrong about it.

25:00 Turning quantum principles into tangible strategies. How you can create real life magic in your business and daily life.

32:22 Djemilah discusses her new Quantum Clients Course and how you can find out more about it.

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Quantum Clients Course -

FB Group - Driven By Purpose

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