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Infinite Impact Radio

Dec 5, 2019

Is it time for a marketing revolution? Hippie turned business coach, Sarah Santacroce thinks so and she's on a mission to be the one to start that online marketing revolution. In fact, she's already teaching her Gentle Marketing Revolution approach to a select group of heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Want to find out how you can be a part of this movement towards empowering the consumer and leading the charge on a much more positive outlook on marketing? If yes, then make sure to listen to today's episode of the Infinite Impact Radio podcast.

Are you ready...let's get started.

Show notes from today's episode.

03:02 Hippie turned business coach, Sarah Santacroce, shares her origin story and how a life-crisis at 40 manifested the Gentle Business Revolution.

08:35 Why now is the time for a different approach to marketing and how Sarah made it her mission to bring that new approach to heart-centered entrepreneurs.

12:48 Understanding your definition of success and the importance of empowering the consumer in your marketing.

17:20 Important advice on how to simplify, get laser focused, and achieve the biggest impact when starting a new online business as an entrepreneur.

21:48 What Sarah is working on now and why you should pay attention to this very effective, but not very often used, way to create an offer that will have your customers begging to hand over their money.

27:30 Launch date of this new program - Gentle Marketing Revolution - and how you can be first in line when it launches.

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