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Infinite Impact Radio

Sep 23, 2019

A live marketing event changed the trajectory of entrepreneur Justin Stephen's life both professionally and personally. Now, in today's interview, I'm willing to bet something he says will change your life.

Justin covers everything from a viral video of him dancing and singing on a cruise ship (he was actually photo-bombing Russell Brunson's video) to why it is time for you to become selfish (in a way that benefits your loved ones) and why he loves to quit (and you will too) and how he used a massive failure to create momentum for success.

Get ready to go deep into business and even deeper into self-reflection in today's Infinite Impact Radio interview with Justin Stephens.

01:35 - Justin's claim to fame - photo-bombing Russell Brunson's Instagram video.

02:43 - The event that started Justin's entrepreneurial adventure.

08:49 - Uncovering your primary question so you can make a positive impact on the world.

11:22 - Being selfish and throwing out the rules that are limiting your success.

16:35 - Start telling yourself better lies.

22:43 - Why Justin loves quitting and you should too.

32:27 - You need to create an unscalable

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