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Infinite Impact Radio

Sep 23, 2019

Life shifts dramatically when you become a father and successful entrepreneur and digital marketing agency owner Tobe Brockner relates to all the entrepreneur dads who are experiencing the juggling act between family and business.

He also understands the pull of the heart to follow your passion and create the business of your dreams, even if it means changing directions when you already have achieved entrepreneurial success.

Join us today as he shares what he has learned on his journey and how he stepped into discomfort to listen to his heart and start a business which is creating a positive impact on fathers. Enjoy today's episode!

03:54 - Tobe's shift in passion after becoming a father.

05:23 - A big conversation with his wife - a talk that turned the tide.

05:51 - Your introduction to Basic Dad's Unite and it serves you - the entrepreneur dad.

08:57 - How you can balance - not only work and family life - but also work and living healthy (i.e. How Tobe deleted his dad-bod and was rewarded with a trip to Hawaii.)

11:53 - Open your mind to the possibilities by eliminating the traps working fathers fall into.

13:33 - The big secret for how you can end the vicious cycle of starting something and then quitting and starting something and quitting.

17:23 - Tobe's breakthru tactic for making sure you prioritize your relationships with your children, wife and yourself while also getting work done.

22:02 - Tobe gives you permission to give yourself permission to do the things that light you up.

Want to learn more and connect with Tobe? That's easy.

Go to BasicDadsUnite.com



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