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Infinite Impact Radio

Sep 23, 2019

Michelle Abraham podcast coach and founder of Amplifyou (a podcast management company) believes you have an infinite ability to create impact, which is why she's so passionate about podcasting.

She believes we have such a special, special ability with podcasting to reach millions of people with our message. And, her passion is helping podcasters like you get your podcast message clear and correct so it resonates with your purpose allowing you to feel really good about sending your message out into the world.

Today's Infinite Impact Radio episode is full of inspiring stories - including Michelle's new mission to help single moms in the Philippines create fulfilling careers through podcasting management. She also shared a surprise with me which I didn't see coming!

Enjoy today's episode!

01:46 - Why she started podcasting and what type of podcasters and entrepreneurs she has decided are her ideal clients.

03:40 - Inspiring stories of podcasters with world-changing missions.

08:49 - The big reveal of the lifestyle bombshell Michelle shared with me for the first time just before pressing record.

12:57 - When the Universe is giving you little nudges, you better listen before those nudges turn to shoves.

18:16 - Michelle's new mission to create a freedom lifestyle for moms in the Philippines.

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