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Infinite Impact Radio

May 28, 2020

Are you equipped to elevate your existence - your life? Bonnie Kelly is inviting you to do just that. Her backstory and life's purpose will inspire you and her authenticity will captivate you.

Do your best self a favor and listen to today episode of Infinite Impact Radio.

Bonnie is a speaker, author and coach. She's the founder of Rebels for Joy, a movement on a mission to help women radically transform the way they think and feel through dynamic teaching.

She's equipped thousands of women with the necessary tools to realign their purpose, passion and power, all fueled by authentic joy.

So, if you're ready to remove the mask in the cycle of self sabotage and let your truest light shine, then it's time to answer the call of greatness and become a rebel for joy.

Listen now and start living the way you were meant to, filled with Purpose, Joy, Motivation & Fulfillment!

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