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Infinite Impact Radio

Feb 13, 2020

You can achieve your entrepreneurial dreams when you plant the right seeds and follow the magic formula. Today's guest, world-changer Jeff Mansen, is proof of how goals can be manifested into reality even when life seemingly takes you down another path.

In today's Infinite Impact Radio episode with Jeff Mansen - author of The Prodigy Kid: 40 Success Principles That Kids Should Learn in School, But Aren't Being Taught - you'll learn more about the Magic Formula, the health scare that changed Jeff's life, The Prodigy Kid book, the crazy synchronicities which revealed themselves when Jeff was aligned with his purpose and much more.

Thank you again for listening, subscribing and reviewing. Enjoy today's episode of Infinite Impact Radio with Jeff Mansen.

Show notes from today's episode.

02:13 How a major health scare opened the door for Jeff to start a new journey - one which lead to the creation of the Prodigy Kid book and program.

09:55 Jeff introduces the "Magic Formula" and shares why it is important to you and our future generations.

13:40 Jeff's goal to be a world-changer and even more importantly how he sees our future generations changing the world.

16:40 Why you need to stop settling for average and instead go big when writing down your goals. 

19:40 The mind-boggling coincidences which come into your life when you are both looking for them and open to receiving them.

28:35 How to pay attention and see the coincidences which are appearing in order to help guide you.

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