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Infinite Impact Radio

Oct 31, 2019

Answering a simple, single question from a stranger inspired Morgane Roos Carreira to follow her passion. And now, she's creating positive impact ripples in the world by sharing inspiring stories of strong women, independent moms and women entrepreneurs on her Way of Living Podcast.

Hear the inspiring story behind Morgane's journey and how she is creating an infinite impact today while setting an example and leaving a positive legacy for her daughter. 

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Show notes from today's episode.

04:14 How a question posed by a stranger changed Morgane's life and helped her find her passion.

08:39 The "why" behind the subject matter of the Way of Living podcast.

12:39 Everyone has an interesting story and someone is out there waiting to hear it. 

18:30 Morgane's unique and inspiring definition of success.

25:39 How shining a light on others' superpowers inspires Morgane to do what she does and to reach beyond her comfort zone.

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