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Infinite Impact Radio

Oct 17, 2019

One life-changing moment triggered a transformation and an accidental journey into entrepreneurship for Neil Martin. Now, he is on a personal mission to redefine the term CEO and create a culture of leadership based on understanding, conversation and consistency - a culture of constantly empowering others.

Impact's episode is one not to miss. You'll definitely benefit from hearing Neil's journey, his take on being authentic, how to avoid the procrastination trap, why consistent publishing is key to your success and more.

Get ready to be inspired!

Show notes from today's episode.

02:52 The life-changing moment that began Neil's journey of transformation and accidental entry into the world of entrepreneurship. 

08:33 Why being your authentic self is vital when creating your business.

12:45 The secret success tip to overcome the perfection trap.

17:56 How consistency in your actions - and particularly as it pertains to publishing content - is a key component of achieving your goals. 

19:04 How Neil's approach to content is very similar to that of a DJ.

23:23 Stop the cycle of short bursts and magic pills and start playing the long game instead.

27:14 Neil discusses his personal mission in life - redefining the term CEO.

32:12 What Neil means by, "Your mess has to age to become your message."

34:26 The most valuable skill Neil has ever developed over his years as an entrepreneur.

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