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Infinite Impact Radio

Feb 6, 2020

Successful entrepreneurs understand it is time to move beyond marketing tricks and sales manipulation tactics. Trey Carmichael is one of these successful online entrepreneurs who knows that happy obligations build multi-million dollar businesses.

Learn more in today's Infinite Impact Radio episode with Trey Carmichael as he dives deep into the importance of systems, how best to serve your tribe, why each of us needs to get better at crushing ants and much more in this value-packed podcast interview.

Thank you again for listening, subscribing and reviewing. Enjoy today's episode of Infinite Impact Radio with Trey Carmichael.

Show notes from today's episode.

02:05 From addicted to impact: Trey shares his origin story and how he got where he is today.

08:23 How Trey turned the pain of feeling alone in high school to a non-profit movement sharing hugs and loves to those who needed them most.

11:02 What Trey is focused on moving into the new decade and what you can learn from this focus.

13:35 The number one platform entrepreneurs should put their energy into to build a tribe and create strategic partnerships moving forward into 2020. 

17:06 Why each of us should pay attention to the language we use with ourselves and the strategies you can use right now to improve your self-talk.

23:47 How you can take quantum leaps in your business following the advice Trey shares with us.

30:50 Trey shares his vision for helping non-profits be more successful monetizing their mission.

36:23 What is the Happy Obligation that builds multi-million dollar businesses?

38:48 My 3 big takeaways to implement right now in your business.

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