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Infinite Impact Radio

Dec 19, 2019

Vince Rountree's life changed drastically after what he fully-expected to be a routine doctor's appointment in 2011. It was the results of that routine physical which opened the door to Vince's mission in life - a mission to help people treat diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol with plant-based nutrition.

Today's guest Vince Rountree, an Integrative Health Coach and impact-driven entrepreneur, is sharing an important message that we all need to hear - food is the cause and food is the cure. 

Make sure to tune in today and you'll hear just how passionate he is about his purpose in life. Plus, he shares how you, as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and change maker, can rise into your authentic self and shine to attract and affect your ideal avatar through all the noise.

Thank you again for listening, subscribing and reviewing. Enjoy today's episode of Infinite Impact Radio with Vince Rountree.

Show notes from today's episode.

02:31 The doctor's appointment that changed the trajectory of Vince's life.

07:30 How Vince started a new life's path to fulfill his new mission.

12:02 You may think you are eating healthy, but when you hear how Vince ate and the condition it left him in, you're going start to look at "healthy" eating differently. 

15:05 Why the number one cause of death in the U.S. doesn't even exist in other areas around the world.

20:50 How you can work with the Law of Divine Oneness to create a positive ripple effect and lift up the consciousness of our planet.

16:56 The first symptom that will, unfortunately, be the only and last symptom for many of us living in the U.S.

20:33 The dramatic and surprising results of Dr. Walter Kempner's study which had physician's accusing him of falsifying data.

27:24 The one-big thing impact-driven entrepreneurs must do to attract and affect those who need to hear their message.

31:50 How Vince makes sure his mission and message cut through all the noise bombarding and confusing his ideal avatar on a daily basis.

42:53 The 10-day challenge that doesn't just change your life - it could save your life.

45:50 An inspiring success story of someone who went through Vince's 10-day challenge.

51:16 How to get a free book titled "Lower Your Blood Pressure with Food" courtesy of Vince.

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