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Infinite Impact Radio

Jan 24, 2020

Do you understand the power you have to change your own story? Fundraising Maverick Maya McNulty went from fortune to near bankruptcy. And instead of letting others write her ending, she took the steps to find her purpose and started serving others by helping nonprofits maximize fundraising by thinking like an entrepreneur.

In today's Infinite Impact Radio episode, Maya, the author of Fundraising Secrets, shares how you can change the end of your story, discusses the power of consistency, talks about the importance of building your email list (i.e. traffic you own) and much more in this value-packed podcast interview.

Thank you again for listening, subscribing and reviewing. Enjoy today's episode of Infinite Impact Radio with Maya McNulty.

Show notes from today's episode.

04:20 Where your legacy of positive impact begins and the importance of pouring positiveness into yourself and your family.

07:48 Maya's life before becoming the Fundraising Maverick and how it shaped who she is today.

11:28 From making a fortune to finding herself on the verge of bankruptcy. Lessons learned and how you can benefit from Maya's entrepreneurial journey.

13:25 The one important question we should ask ourselves and the one Maya never asked herself until she hit the bottom. 

14:37 The spark that ignited an epiphany that led to writing a book titled Fundraising Secrets and started her journey as the Fundraising Maverick.

20:40 Why you must make peace with your pride and Ego and the steps you can take to do so.

27:45 Discover which platform is Maya's favorite for publishing content to attract and affect her ideal clients.

31:40 How to use email effectively to reach and engage your list. Hint: It's not selling in every email.

37:19 Why you should use ascension and progression to move your leads and clients up your value ladder and how Maya does that.

41:30 Hear how Maya is serving her tribe at the highest level to transform lives as we move into this new decade.

44:50 Maya overdelivers by providing a valuable tip for organizations looking to get sponsors and sponsorship money.

47:33 My 3 big takeaways from today's episode which every entrepreneur should put in action today.

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