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Infinite Impact Radio

Oct 2, 2019

Are you a midlife female entrepreneur overwhelmed, heading down the burnout track and feeling a lot of anxiety and doubts?

This episode of Infinite Impact Radio is for you!

Join myself and Nicole Burgess for this interview which is packed with actionable ideas and inspiration.

Nicole a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also an introvert empowerment coach and leadership coach, who helps female entrepreneurs tame their fears so that they can continue to follow their hearts and impact the world while creating harmony in their professional and personal lives.

Enjoy today's Infinite Impact Radio episode with Nicole Burgess!

02:38 How Nicole left a career that was sucking her soul away, stopped making excuses and followed her heart to start empowering other women to follow their dreams.

07:36 How you can tap into your inner-guidance and and take inspired action.

11:34 Is it your EGO or your intuition? Here's how to find out.

12:47 Soul Sisterhood Podcast: Celebrating women and all their strengths and their diversity and what they bring to the world, and how we can literally raise one another up.

14:22 Nicole shares an actionable tip for facing a fear and how you can take a step forward to get over that fear.

19:34 The importance of a supportive community and the why behind Nicole's virtual Self-Care Summit: Improve Your Bottom Line and Your Personal Life (link below).

23:31 Your goal is not to be perfect. Tips for embracing the present moment.

27:21 Nicole shares some of her favorite books for listeners looking to learn more about mindfulness and meditation.

Want to connect with Nicole Burgess? Here's how.

Self-Care Summit: Improve Your Bottom Line and Your Personal Life


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